Gifted Hands Health Center LLC

Intake Forms

To ensure that your service is successful and safe, everyone is required to fill out our forms before your first initial session. They are designed to help both of us work together for a more smooth session. Please answer all questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge, not leaving out any medication nor medical conditions unmentioned.

New Start Intake Form

If you are a new client, please complete this form and email it back to us at Thank you

Liability Release Form

This is a standardized form for release of liability. Please email it to us at Thank you

Health Goals

This form is to help clarify your goals in today's session as well as future sessions for your overall health and vitality. Please email it back to us at Thank you in advance

Minor Liability Release Form

This form allows a parent or legal guardian to give permission for a minor client to receive a Therapeutic massage for the strict purpose of pain management and/or mental health. Please email the form to us at Thank you

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